It's never easy choosing a new home for your loved ones. We understand your worries that's why we make an effort to be compassionate and easy to talk to while you're going through this process.

Where should I start? This is the right place.

When faced with a difficult decision like choosing an assisted living location you should always take your time. Visit every home so you can meet the residents and staff members. We encourage that you stop by and see us anytime.

How long have you been looking?

choose the one that best suits you

Just Started

  • Start with a list of items you are looking for in an assisted living that would best suit your family member
  • Call Office of Aging for an updated list of licensed ALF in the area
  • Get referrals for assisted livings from families, friends and co-workers
  • Check out websites of assisted livings
  • Make phone calls to obtain more information
  • Decide which assisted livings you want to tour
  • Make initial visits to assisted livings unannounced and take notes while there
  • Get financial information together and file for information/benefits that fit for your situation:
    • VA benefits
    • Long term care insurance
    • Selling Assets
    • Reverse Mortgages
    • Life insurance policies
    • Family assistance

Couple of weeks

  • This may be a longer process than you had planned due to many factors. Need to make a clear pathway.
  • Visit assisted livings and take notes to compare
  • Evaluate each home and what would make your family member feel important and comfortable at home
  • Involve other family members that you feel can assist you in the decision even if they are long distance
  • Narrow down assisted livings — pros and cons of each
  • Get finances in order

Too long

Definitely more confusion sets in and time is of the essence. You do not want to wait until it is too late and your family member is at risk of not being admitted to the assisted living of your choice. Your family member may need the assistance sooner than later.

Call and we can discuss your process and help you through this difficult process.

"My mother loves it here. I come visit her almost every day and I always find her in good spirits. She loves the house and the residents, and I love the fact that Debby is a registered nurse and the owner. I visited many places before I chose this one, and I am absolutely positive that it was the best choice for my mother."

- Samantha G. -